Google’s ‘Zero Rating’ Idea could have Zero Data Cost On Mobile Apps Usage

High mobile data charges are always a headache for which many users curb use of Android apps specifically because of mobile data charges associated with these mobile apps. Very soon you may not have to worry about these costs at all.

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Google has started discussing “Zero Rating” idea with some app developers about reduction or complete cost elimination of the data required by those apps. Google is said to be in talks with Indian based companies like Redbus, Flipkart, Ola cabs and others.

How Zero rating idea works: The mobile network operators will not levy any data charges on specific apps (under Zero rating scheme) to the users. So any amount of data used by these apps will be discounted and will not appear in the postpaid bill or will not reduce the balance from prepaid balance.

Not too many details about Zero rating are forthcoming and neither has Google mentioned about the telecom operators it is currently working with. If Zero rating gets implemented, it is sure to shoot up downloads and usage of the apps that will be part of this system. High mobile data costs are the biggest reason why people hesitate to download or use the apps. With costs out of the way, users can use these apps to the hilt.

This is not first time that specified apps are devoid of data charges. The telecom operators have, from time to time, come up with such schemes. However, all of them are mostly time limited and are applicable to only a single apps. Google’s Zero rating system will be the first time that bouquet of apps will offered to users with no data costs.

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