How to create a QR Code

We all have come across a black and white box with a confusing pattern with a scannable information barcodes. These are called QR codes! This is a two-dimensional barcode that stores information in black and white dots called QR code modules.

This specific code contains information that uses numeric, alphanumeric and byte/binary encoding modes to store data that can be easily accessed with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Unlike a barcode, this has more information. Even after the prediction of its demise, this technology is evolving the Asian countries including India and China. where it is used to make payments offline, sharing Wi-Fi network, transferring money and more. Today we are going to show you the simple steps on how to create a QR code by yourself.

How to create a QR Code

Step 1: First of all find a good QR code Generator for yourself. There are lots of them available including QR Code Generator, Goqr, Visualead and much more.

Step 2:
 Now create and link the code. This code can be linked to any URL, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media to access the content. In this case, you can make two QR codes — Static and Dynamic.

As the name itself reveals, the static code is fixed, where the data stored in it cannot be changed, while the dynamic QR code, on the other hand, can be edited anytime.

How to create a QR Code

Step 3: Once you are done with the code, check it out first to make sure the code is working, especially if it is a static code.

Step 4: After sharing stuff, you will be able to track down your QR code and analyze the performance of the codes. You can also track the traffic created by that code and their actions as well.

These QR codes can offer information on any product or service you provide and make it accessible right away.

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