How to get 2GB of free Google Drive space in 60 Secs

Technology companies keep reminding us to change our password and take best security measures and definitely for our benefit. But we tend to delay for as long possible. In an effort to push users to revise their security settings, Google is now giving away 2GB of free storage on Google Drive valid for two years.


As part of the Safer Internet Day google giving away 2GB of free Drive storage to anyone who completes its Security Checkup. In the questionnaire, the company reminds users to check their backup phone, backup email address, the devices they are logged into their account and similar aspects. It won’t take more than 1 minute of your time.

Users have until February 17 to check their security settings if they want the extra 2GB of storage. It will roll out the additional storage space to eligible users by the end of this month. It will send the said users an email when the storage bump adjustment is complete.

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