How to record your screen for Android Phones

There are some useful apps present in android store using which you can record the screen of your android phone. Hence if you are having chat in skype and wants to record the screen or playing a game and want to store it, you can do it now with ease.

App 1 : Mirror
Record your Android screen to a video file or screencast your Android to a Fire TV, Apple TV, Chrome, or even another Android!

This app requires root prior to Android 5.0.

screen1 screen2

App 2 : Rec. (Screen Recorder)
To record a video of your Android screen (or to screencast) is extremely easy if you have a device running on Android 4.4 KitKat that is rooted. All you need to do is to download a free app from the Google Play Store called Rec. (Screen Recorder). 

Rec. is a beautiful, modern app that captures video of up to 1 hour and can even record Android sound (not system sound, though, it only records from the microphone). It runs in the background and you can use it to record gameplay (and games and apps in general) on Android. After you use it to shoot video of your Android screen in action, you can enjoy 30fps video saved to your internal phone storage.

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