Look up into the sky in 2017 and you could see drone deliveries happening regularly

Shopping online is always beneficial in terms of cost effectiveness as they reduce the supply chain and bring things directly to consumers from the factory. But trouble faced by the major online retailer is of ‘Delivery of the products‘ as that constitutes the major portion of the topline.

What if your next delivery would be delivered by Drone and would be accurate?

Yes this would be possible by probably next year in 2017. You may get delivery of toothbrushes, business supplies, Mobile Phones and coffee beans within the next one to three years if the private sector and government work hand in hand by Drone.

What is Google’s Project Wing ?Project-Wing-main

Project Wing is the Google’s Project which focuses on the drone delivery program. According to Dave Vos, head of Google X’s Project Wing experimental drone delivery program.

With this project Google is trying to create a delivery platform which will change how we receive online products from the online retailer. He said during an aviation industry event in Washington that drones will be safer than general aviation and that they will operate quietly enough so as not to disturb anyone. However, a number of regulatory issues must be ironed out first. Currently, businesses interested in flying drones for commercial purposes need to seek FAA approval on a case-by-case basis.

The current limitations for Drone Delivery

With the current drone rules, companies can’t fly drones at night and drone operators are not allowed to fly more than one drone at a time. With this Amazon and drone industry groups have argued that these types of limitations are hurting the burgeoning U.S. drone industry.

Drone Delivery and Availability in India

This project is under testing in the United States of America and will be available soon; may be in next year. We can not predict the availability of the same in India. The Google Loon project which gets approval in India few months back is under the problems and halted currently due to non availability of frequency in India. Mr. Sundar Pichai also focused on the project in his visit to India but the project is not yet implemented.

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