Pirate Bay’s iconic .se domain name is back up and running

For all the pirates out there, the domain name .se was the primary method to access torrent websites. However, last week the domain name started to show expired and, soon after, it was deactivated. People were no longer able to visit the website. The brief period of deactivation started to be seen as the end of this historic domain. However, as TorrentFreak reports, thepiratebay.se is now operating normally and sending the visitors to thepiratebay.org.

As per the Whois record of the domain, the registration has been updated to October 2018. However, it remains unclear if the deactivation of the domain was due to some court order or something else.

Earlier this year in February, Swedish Court ruled that The Pirate Bay must be blocked for next 3 years by the local ISP Bredbandsbolaget. The court stressed that the injunction was in line with the EU law. The forfeiture has yet to take place, though, as the case is still pending at the Supreme Court. Because of this, TorrentFreak interestingly points out, the Pirate Bay’s owners are not allowed to change the domain details, which may be why it expired initially.

Owing to its notorious deeds, Pirate Bay is naturally in news very often. Just last month, Pirate Bay reportedly added coin miner software to its website, which was hijacking some of the user’s device’s CPU muscle. After sometime the site added the coin miner, negative posts began popping up on Reddit complaining about Pirate Bay webpages suddenly causing a huge spike in CPU usage. The site’s operators posted an explanation shortly after, formally announcing that they are testing a coin mining plugin as a potential stand-in for traditional advertising.

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