The Top 10 Best Indian TV Commercials Of 2014

Though most of us hate the ads, there are certain genres of them that make you unmute the TV and watch them again and again. Some have good songs and some tickle your funny bone. Whatever they do makes you want to buy that product.


The year 2014 saw some really great ad agencies fight out for the viewer’s attention with their creations. Here are the best 10 Ads decided by team. In the comments sections mention which one is your favorite.

1. Bournvita- Mother and Son “Abhi race khatam nahi hui”

This ad of Bournvita’s is by far it’s best piece. With the mother’s voice in back ground explaining her ideals about training her son to win the race is quite a inspiring one.

2. Nescafe- Stammering standup comedian

Shot in Mumbai for 3 days, the ad did more good to the actor than the brand itself. With the classic Nescafé tune in the background, we have Rishi (played by Hussain Dalal) who aspires to be a standup comedian who talks about his experiences as a stutter comedian and how he makes it big even with his stutter.

3. Idea- “No ullu banaoing”

The idea group came out with many situational ads of trying to promote the goodness of having internet. Trying to educate the masses about how some people cash on the other’s unawareness, the ad did open our eyes. Less of Abhishek Bachchan and more of internet.

4. Fastrack- Dump them, move on

The ad shows how a guy dumps the litter anywhere he wants and with a catchy tamil song “Ding Dong” in the background shows a great climax where the guy is thrown off into the garbage van.

5. Imperial Blue- Men will be men

Metaphorical and tricky, the ads always make you smile at the way the subjects in the ad act. With the lift ad, supermarket ad and car ad, the ads very skillfully bring out how men are obsessed about impressing women by default.

6. – sab kuch wholesale rate pe

“Wholesale ka rate….kya tu lega seth?” This colloquial refrain strings together a series of visuals showing the quintessential Indian hawker meandering through dusty, narrow lanes with an over-sized stack of wares, while curious by-standers gaze in wonder. ShopClues’ first-ever television ad is a tribute to the way we Indians like to shop – how we love variety and seek value in our purchase, while along enjoying the experience of shopping.

7. TBZ- Wedding ads

TBZ has released two ads of the same –garlands and shoes. The whole message is conveyed without words. Short and sweet- the ad is a great visual treat.

8. Cadbury Bournville- Not so sweet

A perfect ad for a not so sweet chocolate. It’s twisty end is what brings a smile to your face! For all those sweet obsessed girls!

 9. Samsung Note 4- Dad and Daughter

A feel good ad, this ad shows how a dad gets his little daughter ready for school, just when the office calls for a presentation. A good way to showcase what The Samsung Note 4 can do for you, the ad ends with the dad giving a good presentation at office whilst spending time with his daughter.

 10. OLX- O Womaniya

To get the masses embrace the “bech do” idea is quite a task in India. However the TVC OLX rolled out earlier this year did have quite a lot of takers. A woman asks her husband for some new furniture and appliances, which is turned down. But the woman makes money by “selling her old stuff on her cellphone”. The ad has been appreciated well, that the sequel has also been aired.

Which one did you like the most of all these? Or do you think we missed a better TV commercial? Do let us know in comments.

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