Uber will add panic button to its app in India


Uber riders in India will soon have an added safeguard in case of emergency. Starting February 11th, the app will provide users in India with an in-app panic button to notify police that something’s wrong. Uber will also provide what it calls a “safety net” feature. With it, riders will be able to “easily share their trip details and real-time location with up to 5 friends and family members,” according to the company.

The additional safeguards come after a woman alleged that her Uber driver raped her back in December. Delhi officials subsequently banned Uber from operating in the city  as the police carried out its investigation into the case.

According to Uber, transportation officials in India asked the company to provide physical panic buttons in cars, but Uber says that physical buttons would result in various logistical issues. Hopefully with this Indians would feel safe to avail service of Uber.

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